Wednesday, March 11, 2009


This past weekend we raced the Blue Norther Duathlon in Sequin, Tx. It was quite an early morning as the race started promptly at 8:00am. However, with the time change and all it was really 7:00am. Plus, you add the 1 hour drive...we were up at 5:00am which again was really 4:00am. Whew!

I was excited to race again since it's been so long. Although it wasn't a big race, I was still nervous enough to have that puke feeling at the start which I usually get.

First 5k- My goal on the first 5k was to stay conservative. I have a tendency to run way too fast the first mile and then blow up. So this time I just wanted to start out a little easier and try to finish strong. No such luck...I think my first mile was 5:55 or so and then it just got slower after that. I tried though and the effort actually felt as if I was getting stronger towards the end. That's all that matters right?

Bike- The bike was 14.5 miles this year. About 1/2 mile longer than last year because of some construction. With such a short bike, I wanted to ride hard (and catch Stroob!). My lungs felt great but my legs just didn't have any snap. Had trouble finding the right gear to push the pace. Ended up being about a minute slower than last year even with the extra 1/2 mile. So...not bad.

Second 5k- The plan on the second 5k was to see how close I could be to my first 5k time. To my surprise my legs came around and I felt good on the second run. My turnover felt fast and I even started passing a couple of guys in front of me. And... one of those guys was Stroob! Yes, I finally passed him at about 1 mile into the run. My second 5k time ended up being 15 seconds per mile slower than my first 5k so I was really pleased with my effort.

Finished with the overall win and was only about 2 minutes off my time from last year. Fun race, well organized and a great post race that included food...baked potatoes which were delicious, homemade cookies and live music!

The foot is good. I was a little nervous to see how my foot would feel after some hard efforts on the run. Plantar was a little tender on Monday morning but loosened up throughout the day. Tuesday I was able to run 8 miles with no pain. Just need to get in a couple of more long runs but things are looking good!

So, after about 5 weeks of some solid training and ending with a race last Sunday, I am in need of an easy week. Less volume and intensity this week before our last phase to New Orleans on April 6th.


-Brandon said...

Did you actually eat one of the homemade cookies?

Elizabeth said...

Good job catching Adam, that kid can haul booty! Apparently you can too, haha.