Sunday, March 15, 2009

SWIM VIDEO...testing...testing...testing

Brandon and I bought a new camera/camcorder about a month or so ago. This camera/camcorder is also waterproof so we tested it out last week to see how it worked...Check out our cool video below.

Notice how B was checking out my chest while filming...geez! You will also notice that I have no idea how to use this stupid camera but... I'm learning. Also, I couldn't see anything because of sun and it was hard to stay under water to film. I was getting so frustrated that I ended up just holding the camera underwater (while my head was above water) hoping that I was recording Brandon as he swam by. Here's another 'test' of the camera, which isn't much better.

So now, I might be able to film the private lessons that I do as sort of a 'bonus.'


adrian said...

Amy, that is so cool.

Marlawanda said...

haha...nice close up of your suit. The top part, at least. Maybe a snorkle would help you stay under water longer??