Thursday, December 18, 2008


Is an MRI. And...that's what I got yesterday afternoon. I have been dealing with Plantar Fasciitis since June, had stress fracture in September, and then back to Plantar Fasciitis again (all this in my right foot). I have been making progress with my foot and have been optimistic these last few months that it's been getting better everyday. However, it's still not 100%. I've been running anywhere from 15-40 minutes a few days a week. I wanted the MRI to ease my mind that there is nothing else wrong with my foot, and so hopefully I can start increasing the volume on my runs again. There may not even be anything else wrong with my foot (besides Plantar), OR there could be something that the x-ray never picked up on back when I had my stress fracture. In any case, it will make me feel better just knowing something... whether it's good or bad.


Finangers said...

Em wanted me to send you this link.


Finangers said...

Good luck with the results of the MRI Amy! Merry Christmas to you and Brandon- can't wait to see you at the end of January.