Wednesday, October 01, 2008


I can't believe it is already October. Time seems to just fly by. Just finished a nice morning swim at UT. Am now at the Hills writing swim workouts and getting ready to do some rehab exercises for my foot.

The swim this morning had a little bit of everything: swim, kick, pull, stroke, etc... Our main set was some 150's with some fast efforts in there. I did fly and backstroke on the fast efforts just to mix it up a bit. After the main set we did 20 x 50s pull where it was 4 @ 35 sec. and 1 ez @ 50 sec. repeat. To my surprise I held 30 sec. on all 50's. Not bad.

Longhorn 70.3 is this weekend. No... I'm not racing (wish I was), but Brandon is so I will be out there cheering. We are hosting Pro triathlete Ben Hoffman from Durango, Colorado this weekend. We met Ben last year at ITU World Championships in France and have kept in touch. Great athlete and super nice guy. Should be a good time.

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