Sunday, September 28, 2008


Well...I guess you can just put my name up there with Samantha McGlone and Michellie Jones as my season is over as well due to injury. Still not quite sure the why the big magazines haven't covered me yet (insert sarcasm here). Maybe it's because I don't do Ironmans. Hmmm???

I aqua jogged Friday evening with some friends. It was the first time that I have aqua jogged in about a year, and now I remember why it has been a year since the last's BORING. At least I had company though or else I would have gone insane. Ended the evening with a nice home cooked meal with some friends.

Anyways, B and I have been staying up pretty late the last couple of days. Thursday evening I didn't get home until 9:00pm from coaching. We ended up taping Grey's Anatomy (yes, we watch that show) since it was the two hour season premiere. Started watching Grey's around 9:30pm and finished about 11:30pm or so. Again, Friday evening we were up late with some friends eating and chatting. Good times. Then...Saturday evening B and I rented a movie and stayed up late once again. That leaves me to today where I am exhausted. Slept in, ate some pancakes and am taking the day off!

These past two weeks my workouts were done when I wanted to, how I wanted to do them (mostly swimming), and for as long as I wanted to do them. Nothing structured. Starting tomorrow, I plan on working out 5x a week (either swimming, biking, or both) and taking 2 days completely off per week. I should finally be able to ease into running after these next 4 weeks. If I could run with the boot on I would as I feel no pain with it on. But...I'm being smart with my recovery since I don't want this injury to ever happen again.

That's about it right now. Boring I know... but it's better than nothing.

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