Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Lost Keys

There is nothing more stressful than losing your keys. Lost my keys some time Saturday afternoon. I went to a carnival with my parents and 3 year old niece. When it was time to go home my keys were no where in sight. I have know idea where they are. Looked everywhere and even backtracked my steps. Left my name and a description of my keys with the Lost and Found at the carnival. I've been waiting patiently by the phone hoping someone has found them. So far...no luck.

Other than my lost keys the weekend was a good one. Friday night went out to Austin Java with some friends who were also hosting some 'Pro' triathletes for Longhorn 70.3. Good meal and good times.

Saturday well...as explained above was a little stressful. Longhorn 70.3 was on Sunday and although I would much rather be racing, I did enjoy cheering for everyone out there. Congrats to everyone who finished the race on such a tough course.

Have also been working on some home renovations lately...new blinds for the whole house, fixing up the 1970's bathroom, and possibly painting the computer/bike room. I still have paint on the ceiling from when I painted the hallway (never did get around to touching it up and it's been almost 3 years). So...we'll see if I end up painting again.

That's all for now.

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Joey said...

I know what you mean. I used to have a 280ZX where the keys would come out of the ignition while the car was running. Once I pulled the keys out and left it running so I could take something out of the hatchback. I drove to San Marcos and when I went to turn the car off the key wasn't in the ignition. I freaked out looking all over the car. Finally, I found them hanging out of the keyhole in the hatchback. They'd ridden back there for 30 miles.