Friday, October 10, 2008


Yep, that's right. I rode with Lance and the boys for about 10 minutes today. Did Lance even know I was there? NOPE but it was fun! This was only my second ride outside in 6 weeks (I have been doing some Computrainer rides a couple of days a week as well) but it will be memorable one. I have lived in Austin six years and have never had a Lance sighting until today.

Anywho, I was riding home from Barton Springs this morning and stopped at the light at Bee Caves and Mopac. Suddenly a group of about 8 guys rolled up behind me. As I was looking around at everyone, I noticed that most of guys had on Mellow Johnny jerseys and then there was one guy with a Livestrong Jersey, Livestrong socks, Livestrong helmet, Livestrong bike shorts, and a trek bike. Hmmm...

So, when the light turned green I stayed with the group (just like one of those annoying riders who just tags along without asking). I talked to one of the guys in the group and asked (to make sure) if that was Lance riding in front of us. He told me...YES. My jaw just dropped and I wanted to scream (but I kept my cool)! I then asked how long they were riding. He told me a few hours. Since I haven't been riding over an hour the last six week, there was no way that I was going to jump up to a 3 hour ride today. Plus, they probably didn't want anyone tagging along for the ride (especially a girl). So, I just kept riding with them for about 10 minutes until I had to turn to go home. I really wanted to pass Lance going up one of the hills but thought that would be a little much. Maybe next time!

That's my exciting news for today. Off to coach and then to Glenrose, Tx later this afternoon for a nice relaxing weekend.

P.S. Still no keys.

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Kelly said...

HA! How fun! You should have ridden with them then watched them get pissed when they could not drop you. That would have been classic. Hope your foot is healing up well..