Wednesday, September 03, 2008

X-RAYS's official. I have not ONE but TWO fractures on my 4th metatarsal in my right foot. So, I will be taking the next 6-8 weeks off to recover. I am on crutches right now but hopefully will be off of them soon (within 2 weeks). This is the first time that I have ever broken a bone or have been on crutches. After day two of crutches, I already have some chaffing on my sides. I guess it's time to get out the body glide. At home, instead of using the crutches I've been wheeling around in our desk chair. It's so much easier to get around that way!

We bought our tickets and everything for Cancun last Friday as we were planning on doing Cancun 70.3. I can't believe we booked everything on Friday and then I fractured my foot on Saturday. Just bad luck. B will probably still race but I will most likely stay home so that I can coach. That way I don't have to find any subs to take over my classes while I'm gone. I will still go to Clearwater 70.3 Worlds in November to watch and support...AGAIN.

Watched two movies this past weekend while B's parents were in town. One was CLEANER with Samual L. Jackson. His job is to clean up crime scenes, but ends up getting 'set-up' after cleaning up a gruesome murder scene. The other movie was THE SHOOTER starring Mark Walberg (aka...Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch). It's about a long distance sniper who is framed for a presidential assassination. Both good flicks.

I started reading the 'Last Lecture' by Randy Pausch. After I read the first paragraph, I put the book down and took the time to realize how good my life really is. I'm not sure if I will finish the book as it looks to be a tear jerker. Plus, I have a history of starting books and then half way through I find something else to read. Here's the first paragraph: "I have an engineering problem. While for the most part I am in terrific physical shape, I have ten tumors in my liver and I have only a few months left to live. I am a father of three young children and married to the woman of my dreams. While I could easily feel sorry for myself, that wouldn't do them or me any good."

I have some projects that I want to work on over the next six weeks since I won't be training much. One of those projects is to get the Team-Marsh website up and running. I'm actually meeting with Joey tomorrow morning to go over some ideas for the site. So...hopefully in six weeks will be finished since it has just been sitting there for over a year! Be patient though because it will be a work in progress.

More later.


Andrew said...

aka...Marky Mark - aka MarkyV
- ahem -

the scary thing is... if you're swimming 100% of the time now - you'll be gettin a bit closer to your college form of swimming then eh?
Arrgghh - You're fast enough already!!
hard... to ... keep... up... with the Marshes [cough, wheeze wheeze]

James and Lindsay Cotter said...

I know you will heal fast Amy and can come back stronger! Life lessons are always tough though! You know where to find a relay partner if you need one. I am a horrible swimmer! :)
Take Care!