Wednesday, August 20, 2008

A MUCH NEEDED UPDATE's been way too long since I last blogged. Check out the article on PureSport here. This sports drink is making headlines all over the world. If you haven't tried it yet...DO. The taste is amazing and you never could someday win 8 gold medals.

Anywho, I raced the Austin Triathletes open water swim last weekend. Fun event. It was nice waking up and heading out the door with just a swimsuit, cap and bike or anything to worry about. I opted for the 2.4 distance. Why? I don't know. Well...B actually told me that I should race the 2.4 because it would be good for me. Plus, he thought I would look like a wimp if I picked one of the shorter distances. So...this 2.4 swim was my second ever 2.4 open water swim (Hawaii Ironman 2005). I have to say it actually wasn't that bad. I swam on my own because two guys took off in front of me never to be seen again. I just plugged along at a decent pace and worked on my sighting. I did end up first female (third overall). Afterwards, it was nice knowing that I didn't have to bike 112 miles and then run 26.2 miles. I don't know how I ever did that!

Look for more open water swim opportunities coming next spring all over Texas. Thanks to Joey at Austin Triathletes, there are going to be some fun events planned in Corpus, Houston and of course Austin. Should be fun.

Although I look forward to the Olympics every 4 years, I'm actually looking forward to them being over because I'm exhausted. I've had an Olympic hangover for the past week and a half and it's killing me. I must say it has been quite exciting to watch though. Right when I'm about to turn off the t.v. to finally go to bed, that Bob Costas guy always has some story to keep me interested.

Oh...and is anyone else sick off that commercial with the old lady hitting the guy with her big bag after he hits her car. I think it's a commercial for Nationwide Insurance or something but...enough already.

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Joey said...

You were awesome at the swim on Sunday, and we're always so happy to have you out. Thanks for the plug on the swims next year. I'm actually looking at Corpus, Houston and Austin (sorry San Antonio) for the swims.

As for Olympic hangovers, everyone I know has one. I just can't miss a minute. One of my friends in FL actually got irked when they interrupted the broadcast to tell them a hurricane might be headed their way.