Monday, August 11, 2008


I would like to give a shout out to Performance Wellness and crew for supporting me since 2005 and especially these last couple of months (and last year) as I've been dealing with Plantar. Dr. Chris Sellers (ART), Phil Davis (PT) and all the massage therapists (Gina, Katie, Blaze, Michael, and Lisa) are amazing. They have all been so accommodating, supportive and patient every time I walk through their office door(which is 2-3x a week). I have seen all the massage therapists at Performance Wellness and they all have their own unique techniques. Lately I've been seeing Michael mainly because he fits my schedule. I must say...he has a magic touch. He mostly massages my foot and calves using his trigger point techniques. On Saturday, after a nice solid 3 hour ride, I had a massage with Michael. I got the special treatment when he surprised me with a hot stone massage. It felt wonderful!!! That was my first hot stone massage and now I want one everyday (don't think that will happen though). If you have never had a hot stone massage...get one. It will make you melt. Thank you Performance Wellness!

Now for a weekend update...

Friday evening B and I procrastinated until about 7:00pm to do an easy easy run. I ran 35 minutes and added in 3x 100m strides (woo hoo). At least it's some kind of speed work! After the run, we hit up one of our favorite Mexican restaurants...Changos(Yum).

Saturday morning was a good 3 hour ride with some intervals in there. Afternoon/evening was spent relaxing watching some Olympics and massage.

Ran ~55 minutes on Sunday! That is my longest run in over two months. There were spurts where I had pain and some spurts where there was no pain. Progress, progress progress. Actually the most painful part of my long run was my head. head. I ran into a low tree branch that I didn't see. The branch took me by surprise and even knocked my visor off. I stopped for about 30 seconds to see if anyone saw this embarrassing moment. Then...finished the rest of the run with a headache.

Sunday afternoon was spent at Casa De Luz (another favorite restaurant), watching more Olympics, and church.

Oh...Jason Lezak is my new hero. Unbelievable anchor leg on the 4 x 100meter free relay last night. I was screaming my head off at the t.v. cheering for him. WOW!

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Jen said...

Chris and I were freaking out too!

And I think that's the first time I've seen you give a shout out! To funny.

Hope it's feeling better!