Thursday, August 28, 2008


Last Saturday I headed to my brother's house to spend time with the fam. I took my 3 year old niece swimming...and I was amazed. No floaties, no noodles, no nothing. She was swimming all by herself. She even wanted to race me... and of course she won...I don't want to be a mean Aunt even though I hate to lose! I'm thinking 2020 Olympics?

After swimming it was dinner time. Mackenzie (my niece) said prayer and it went something like this..."Thank God for my mommy, Thank God for my Daddy, Thank God for our dirty floor." I take it she must have been looking down at the floor just thinking of anything to say. Hilarious. Anywho, it was a nice relaxing weekend.

On tap this weekend...
-spend time with B's parents as they are coming in to town Saturday afternoon
-swim, bike, run, eat and sleep
-Austin Triathlon on Monday

Training has been going well. I did the Run-Far TT on Tuesday evening and ended up going 1 whole second faster than last time which was back in June. I used the same set up...race wheels but no aero helmet. I'm blaming it on the conditions because it definitely felt faster this time around.

Running is coming along. I'm still running every other day but have been adding in one speed workout a week which kills me. I know it will get easier and will be back to my full speed again soon. Patience.

Another post on Monday after the race. I promise it will be on Monday after the race since I know that my readers sit on the edge of their seats waiting for a new post.

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