Tuesday, July 15, 2008


So...yesterday as I was on my way to the Hills to swim, workout, coach, etc... I was driving up the ramp to 183 and I noticed some guy right on my tail. Seriously... almost touching my bumper. I wasn't driving slow or anything but my Ford Craptour's (I mean Contour) 4 little gerbils can only get up to the speed limit so fast. I had the pedal to the floor and was trying to get onto 183 as fast as I could so this jerk would get off of my bumper. As he passed me, he flicked me off and waved his arms around screaming and yelling at me. Um...what did I do wrong besides having a crappy car that doesn't accelerate very fast??? I don't know... but I did give him a little love honk and a wave then carried on my way. The rest of the drive to the Hills was not that exciting. Maybe someone at Roger Beasley Mazda will read this and sponsor us with a new car...Larry W. Do you read this?

Did some core work, swam about 1000m and that was it. I was going to swim a bit more but I felt like a big fat whale and called it a day. I've been taking it easy ever since Buffalo Springs which has been nice. I'm still working out quite a bit but the intensity is quite low.

Gotta go to bed. More later.


Kelly said...

HA. I know what you mean. My Toyota Highland has only 4 gerbils, too. But hey uses less gas. I'd prefer it but some people are just arrogant assholes, like mr. tailgator on your butt. As irritating as it is, you know that they are just having a *very* bad day! Good luck this weekend @ IronGirl. It was really nice to catch up @ the DragFest last Saturday!

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious Amy and I feel like a big fat whale every time I get in the water!