Monday, July 07, 2008


Well...the long 4th of July weekend has come to an end. It all started Friday morning with a 3k swim at the lake with some friends. That is the longest open water I have done in a while. It was a good swim and with great company. Did some walking backwards on the treadmill and then finished the day with an easy hour on the bike. No fireworks this year as we didn't want to deal with all the traffic and crowds. Plus... Olympic Swimming Trials were on t.v. and since we're swim dorks (probably me more than B) we wanted to watch them. It's amazing that some of the swimmers that I swam with back in the day are still competing at Trials. Should be an exciting Olympics.

Saturday I rode the Dam Loop with B and P.E. I haven't done the Dam Loop in about a year or so. Not really a fan of riding on 620 because of all the lights and traffic for that matter. It was a good solid 3 hour ride though. The rest of the afternoon was spent up in Georgetown at my parents house. We had a nice dinner together and then watched more of the Olympic Swimming Trials (again swim dorks).

I attempted to run on Sunday for 25 minutes. It was better than Buffalo Springs but definitely still not 100%. I'm doing everything that I can for rehab and there are good days and bad. Walking backwards on the treadmill seems to stretch out the plantar a bit which is good. Just taking it one day at a time. Went to church in the evening and then watched more Olympic Swimming Trials on t.v. (and once again...swim dorks).

This week I start my Pre-Masters Swim classes which I'm looking forward to. After teaching the Swim 101 classes (which I'm still teaching) I've realized that there needs to be a transition class from Swim 101 to Masters swimming. Most beginner swimmers are intimidated by Masters Swimming so I thought Pre-Masters would be a good transition. The Pre-Masters class focuses on stroke technique, interval work (using the clock), flipturns, other 3 strokes (fly, back and breast) and everything you need to know before starting a Masters Swim Team. Right now I'm coaching Pre-Masters and Swim 101 through Rogue Running. So if you know of anyone timid about starting a Masters program...this would be a great option for them!

Next race? Well...I wanted to race Couples this weekend but that doesn't look like it's going to happen. I had some work done on my foot today and the Doc said that I probably shouldn't race if there is still pain. Plus, B didn't want to race anyways (I guess he's already raced about 30 times this year and needs a break). Me on the other hand, would race every weekend if I could. So...I'm hoping to do the Irongirl sprint race in Dallas July 20th. We shall see.

Hope everyone had a great 4th!

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