Sunday, June 29, 2008


1.2 mile swim-56 mile bike-3 mile run

Swim: Absolutely ridiculous. There was no count down to the start of the race so all the pros were caught off guard when the horn went off. I went straight into the water and started swimming. As I was breathing to my right, I saw everyone else RUNNING along the shore. I couldn't believe it. I knew the pros did this last year but I didn't know they were going to run 400 meters or so. I tried to swim over to the shore as fast as I could so that I could also run. It was a little too late though because once I got over there everyone finally started swimming and were quite a ways ahead of me. At this point there was nothing I could do but to try and pass as many people as I could. I'm usually out FAST on the swim and then die towards the end. But since I was in a different position this time (almost last), I had to really push to try and pass people or at least find someone to draft off of. I ended up passing two packs of swimmers and then was in no mans land swimming all alone. The next pack was a ways in front of me and I just couldn't catch them. I actually felt stronger towards the end of the swim which usually never happens. Was the 4th women out of the water, which to me was shocking since I started so far back.

Bike: Conditions were a little tough with the wind and rain this year. My goal time on the bike was 2:35. I raced Buffalo Springs 3 years ago and biked 2:40 so I knew I could be faster than that. I ended up biking 2:32. The ride seemed to go by fast. I did have a J&A (J. Mc.) shadow on me the whole ride. He did pass me on the down hills because I was a scaredy (sp) cat. The roads were really slick and I probably could have walked my bike down the hills faster than I was riding them! I ended up passing J. Mc. on the uphills (I love hills). The main goal on the bike was to nail my nutrition since I've had some issues in the past. I'm pleased to say that I ate/drank everything that I had planned and felt really strong the last 20 miles or so of the bike. Even noticed that I was gaining time on the 3 women that were ahead of me. Found out later that 2 of those women got penalties. Usually at the end of the ride I'm ready to get off the bike but this time I could have kept going all day long. I was off the bike in 4th place.

Run: Hopped off the bike and started the run. To my surprise my legs felt really good. The foot was definitely hurting and I knew I probably wouldn't finish the 13.1 miles. When I got to 3 miles, MG was there to see how I was feeling. I stopped...walked around a bit...debated whether or not I should keep going...stood around some more...sat down...debated again whether or not I should continue... then after about 10 minutes I finally made the smart decision to stop. It was so hard since I was in 4th place but knew if I kept going I wouldn't be doing my foot any favors. Ended up cheering a couple of people on and then got a ride back to transition. Again, the big picture is Clearwater in November and I just have to keep reminding myself of that.

Congrats to Source Endurance athletes (Brandon, Kelly and Pat) for their top 10 finishes. Also congrats to all the Austinites out there racing. It was fun seeing familiar faces out on the course. Now it's time to get healthy.

Next race: TBD

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