Wednesday, June 25, 2008


Last night was the Run-Far Time Trial. I wanted to test my new Zipp 808 race wheels out and I must say...they are sweet! I think the last time I did this TT was over a year ago. I'm usually not able to race on Tuesday evenings because I coach. However, my next session of Swim 101 doesn't start until July. So...I was able to go out last night and put in my last hard effort on the bike before Buffalo Springs this weekend. And a hard effort it was. Had a tailwind on the way out and the Scott Plasma felt fast and smooth. Probably took it out a little too hard because I thought I was going to vomit on the way back. Definitely need to do hard efforts like that more often. I was able to break the course record with a time of 18:39 (old time was 18:52).

Speaking of Buffalo Springs...I will be starting the race but most likely not be finishing. I will be swimming, biking and then running 1 mile, 5k or if my foot miraculously heals 13.1 miles. If anyone sees me on the course and I'm limping please tell me to stop. That's my only worry is that once I start the run, I won't want to quit. However, I know that it is the right decision if I want to be able to finish out the season. I have to remember that the big picture is Clearwater in November and that to me is more important than running on Sunday. I think it takes a smarter athlete to know when to stop than to keep on pushing through the pain. Why am I racing then? Well...I'm registered, Brandon is racing, I'm fit, I love to compete, it's good practice, and it's fun. Will I just hammer the swim and the bike since I know I won't be able to finish the run? NO... because what is the point of that? I want to race how I would normally race if I were to finish so that the next HIM I race I will be even more prepared.

It seems as though my plantar fascitis has returned but in my OTHER foot. This came pretty abrupt about 3 weeks ago. Last year when I got plantar it was more gradual so I'm thinking that this time it was a new pair of shoes that I was training in for a couple of weeks. I've been doing all the rehab that I did last year and everything else I can possibly do (ART, massage, new orthotics, ice, rest, night splint, TP massage, new shoes)to help with a speedy recovery. I've recovered from this before and I know I can recover from it again but I have to be patient. I'm hoping that once I get over this nasty pain in this foot that I am done. I mean...I don't have anymore feet that I can get plantar in so this has to be the end of it right?

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