Monday, May 19, 2008


Well...this was one rough weekend and a tough post to write. If anyone checked the results for Memphis in May you probably noticed that my name did not appear. I actually didn't even start the race.

Last week I was feeling great and ready to race. I was really looking forward to Memphis in May as I have never done that race before. I was feeling fit, strong and ready to go. We left Friday morning after a solid swim workout at UT. I had some symptoms that related to allergies/sinus infection coming on towards the end of the week but just brushed it off. I should have gone to the doctor before we left for Memphis but I didn't because 1. I don't like going to the doctor 2. I don't like taking drugs and 3.I didn't want to be taking any drugs leading up to the race.

Anyways, we arrived at our homestay late Friday evening and my symptoms turned in to more of what felt like a sinus infection. Saturday morning we did our standard easy swim, bike, run to loosen up. The rest of the day was spent relaxing and hanging out with our homestay. I ended up going to bed at 8:30pm Saturday night feeling pretty lousy and worn out. I awoke Sunday morning feeling even worse and was concerned about racing.

With about 30 minutes prior to the race start I finally made my decision not to race and turned in my chip. It was a tough call, which included some phone calls early race morning to some friends and family on whether or not I should race. There were some tears in there as well (and I don't usually cry) but in the end it was my decision and I listened to my body. There will be other races!

I decided to walk back to the truck to get the camera so that I could take pictures of Brandon during the race. Got the camera, locked the door, locked the keys in the truck. Not good. Wanted to cry again but DIDN'T. Walked back to the race start but didn't tell Brandon about the keys because 1. I didn't want him to kill me and 2. That's the last thing I wanted him to be thinking about before his race.

Watched the swim and cheered Brandon on in T1. After he took off on the bike, I took off to find a cop to get the keys out of the car. I knew I had about 55 minutes before Brandon came back from the bike. Luckily there were plenty of cops out on the race course that were able to help me get the keys out. Sunday just wasn't my day.

So... it was a good decision on my part that I didn't race and I don't regret it. I went to the doc this morning and found out that I have a sinus infection (which I knew) AND bronchitis. Not good. So...this will be a very easy week (or two) until I get over this nasty virus. The doc also wants me to come back when I'm 100% and get tested for asthma. WHAT??? I couldn't believe he told me that. In all my years of swimming, triathlon, etc... I have never had problems breathing or have had any doc tell me that I may have asthma. I'm just hoping that all the wheezing that he heard today was from the bronchitis.

I have also made the decision NOT to race CapTex so that I can fully recover and be a 100%. This will be the first time I don't race (besides last years cancellation) CapTex since 2003. I'm bummed but know it's probably best. Instead we may be heading up to B's parents house for a nice relaxing weekend.

Just want to say thanks to the Perini family for hosting us this past weekend in Memphis. We've been very fortunate to have wonderful homestays at all our races so far. The Perini family was a lot of fun and their three little boys were awesome. We will be back next year (and hopefully stay with them again!)... so that I can redeem myself!

Also, congrats to Brandon for finishing top 5 in a strong field.

Next up:

Red River - June 1st (TBD)
Buffalo Springs - June 29th

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Kelly said...

What a know I got a sinus infection right b4 this last year? Went on antibiotics like 4 days prior (didn't know about the way they kill your body) and was extremely disappointed there. So albeit tough you made a good call. Hang in there, you'll be back, still early in season. I hope I am not right behind you too...I am having sore throat, etc etc...ugh. That time of year, I guess. :)