Sunday, May 11, 2008

Where Did The Week Go?

This week just flew by that I can't even remember what happened. All I know is that after Masters Nationals last weekend...I was pooped Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. Although I was tired, I still had a solid week of training that ended with the Rookie Triathlon on Saturday.

This was my first time (rookie) to race the Rookie Triathlon. Once again...the Jack and Adam's crew put on a superb event. Although it's called the Rookie Triathlon... it's basically one of the World Championships of Austin since a lot of the local pros come out to race, which always makes it great competition and a lot of fun!

I was out fast on the swim right on Brandon's feet. I actually held onto Brandon's feet until the turnaround where I was then cut-off by Mr. J.C.! I then just hopped on J.C.'s feet to the finish and was third out of the water (BTW...J.C. apologized for cutting me off, and I accepted his apology).

The bike was fun and since it was so short I wanted to ride hard. I had 3 guys pass me on the bike and they were moving fast. I tried to keep them in sight but all I could see were 5 little dots ahead of me riding away. Came into T2 in 6th place.

Onto the run...I thought to myself that this is only a 2 mile run... how bad could it hurt? Well, it hurt pretty darn good to tell you the truth. My legs had no snap. I saw that I had a slight lead at the turnaround and just pushed as hard as my legs would allow me to the finish. Ended up first overall.

After the race it was burger flipping time and post-race fun. Ended the evening with a 2 hour easy ride and a late night grocery store stop.

Today was a day off with some Ironchicks coaching in the morning and the rest of the afternoon relaxing with the fam. Happy Mother's Day to all the mother's out there (especially my mom who checks my blog about 10 times a day!).

Well...that about sums up my week. I better get to bed before I fall asleeeeeeeee...

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