Thursday, February 14, 2008


The tickets are bought and I have finally signed up for my first race of the season...California 70.3. There are already about 30 pro women signed up so it looks to be a 'stacked' and exciting race. We had a lot of fun at this race last year and had an amazing homestay. Unfortunately, we will not be staying with the same homestay this year because they just had a baby last month. We don't want to be a burden so we're hoping to find another home to crash instead!

I'm racing the ATT half marathon on Sunday. Should be fun and painful as it is quite a hilly course. Don't really know what to expect but just want to have a good solid race. If I'm close to my 3M time from last year I would be thrilled. If not, no worries as I'm just happy to be running right now. AND...if I finish pain free I will be even happier. I have a massage tomorrow and have already scheduled another one on Monday... as I have a feeling I'll be a little sore after this race! I actually wish the race was today as my legs felt really good on my run this morning.

I also finished my first 6 week session of Rogue Swim 101 this week and it went really well (at least I think it did and I'm hoping the participants did as well). The group was a lot of fun to coach and they were brave to swim in the 76 degree water outdoors! I demonstrated in the water some swim drills one evening and could barely talk I was so cold. I'm a huge wimp when it comes to cold water. Session 2 starts next week and Ruth has already scheduled a session 3 after that so things seem to be moving forward.

That's about all. Happy Valentine's Day!

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