Tuesday, February 05, 2008


I don't think so. I ended up running to the track near my house this morning for a workout. I did some 400 repeats to get my turnover going. As I was resting in between my intervals, one of the elementary students that was outside for gym class asked me if I was a bodybuilder. I told him no and carried on with my workout. This got me to thinking though because just last week my massage therapist (Bobby) told me my legs looked big. It was more on the lines of "WOW girl...your legs are big! Have you been lifting weights?" Doesn't he know that your never suppose to tell a girl that her legs look big! Although I do lift weights 2x a week I don't lift heavy weights. Maybe it's all the pull ups I do after swim practice...I don't know. I've never considered myself big...but now I'm starting to wonder if I should go into bodybuilding once I'm done with triathlons.


Kelly said...

AMY...I know what the problem is. Well it is not a problem but you know the leg thing. It was that damn bike race. You see, bike racing makes your legs and butt more plump. Like after a 4 hour ride (the few I have done), I can tell my butt grows in that 4 hours. So...'tis a curse and a blessing...if you are female and you ride your bike a lot and you happen to do it well (as you do), your legs and butt will puff up a bit. But that is ok, you are a strong girl and that is a good thing. :) :) No body-building after triathlons, road racing!!

acm said...

Kelly...so what you're saying is that I have a big butt!!!