Sunday, February 17, 2008


Wow...that was a tough one yesterday morning. It was a challenging course but an honest course which I liked.

When the gun went off I had to tell myself to hold back a little since this was a half marathon. Usually I start out way too fast and then die within the first couple of miles. After mile one, I found the 2:47 marathon pace group and tucked in behind them. My goal was to stay with them through mile 10 (where the 1/2 and marathon split) and then pick it up the last 3 miles. Well...I did just that. I stayed with the marathon group for the first 10 miles (Yeah).

I felt ok up until mile 10, well my breathing was good but my legs were screaming. I knew the toughest part of the race was the last 3 miles or so. The marathon group turned left on Expo and I continued straight on Enfield. Unfortunately, I was running all alone at this point and it was a struggle. I can tell you the one hill that put me over the edge was the one after crossing Lamar (on Enfield). I think my legs are still on that bridge. Once I got up and over the bridge I tried to push to the finish but my legs had nothing. I saw the finish line and couldn't wait to get there. Usually I can find an extra gear and sprint to the finish. Yesterday...there was no extra gear and no sprint finish. I ended up 4th overall with a time of 1:24:40.

I was pleased with my effort for the first 10 miles but just faded at the end. Now I know what I need to work on in training so that next time I don't die with 3 miles left to go. Next year maybe the race directors should think about adding a 10 mile race to this event! I would be all over that.

I have to say that the support and spectators at this race were amazing. It was a blast running across 1st street bridge with people lined up on both sides of the street cheering (I think that was my fastest mile). This race may be on my schedule again next year instead on 3M. I just think it's an honest course and was impressed by the support of the race.

Today I feel like I got hit by a truck so I know I gave it everything I had yesterday. Now it's time for some recovery and then hit it hard for 4 weeks to get ready for Cali 70.3.

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