Thursday, October 18, 2007


I've been going back and forth this week about whether or not I should race 70.3 Worlds in 3 weeks. As all of you know (actually just my mom since she's the only one that reads my blog) I've been dealing with Plantar Fascitis since the end of May/ early June. It has been a nagging injury that I have tried hard to train and race with.

I have decided to pass on racing at 70.3 Worlds so that I can focus on healing my injury so that I'm 100% and able to run this winter. It has been a very tough decision. I know racing 70.3 would be a great experience but I also know that it will prolong my recovery time if I continue to push through. I know this is the best decision for me right now and believe I will come back even stronger next year.

I am still planning on going to Florida to support B and all the other Austinites racing. Although it will be hard to watch I think it will also help motivate me to get my butt in gear for next year.

Now some down time!


Kelly said...

Amy, I think you made a smart decision. We all know you'd race if you felt you could, and it is easy to push through 1 or 2 short races but a long one esp. @ end of season is pretty risky. You've had a hell of a year esp for a first (second?) year pro, so just rest up and chill 'til you start base training. Heal that foot up. And we really do need to ride this winter together. Though, I'll be 'chilling' most of Nov and Dec! (see? others read your blog...!)

meredith said...

Congrats on a Great 2007 Tri Season!!