Monday, October 22, 2007


I don't care if I'm from New York and went to school in is COLD. I've become a wimp to cold weather ever since I moved here back in 2001. If the temperature was 55 degrees in Minnesota I would probably be wearing a t-shirt and shorts but now I'm wearing my snowsuit.

I've been taking it easy the last couple of days and it's been nice. Although... I have been doing some serious rehab for an hour a day. Lots of TP therapy (which kills), calf raises to strengthen my very weak calves, back exercises to try and straighten myself out and also dorsi flexion exercises for my ankles. On top of that I'm still going to Performance Wellness a couple of times a week for ART work. I've been doing rehab for about 30 minutes everyday throughout the season but since I have more time now I'm really trying to focus on it more.

Hopefully with all this rehab I will be back running in no time! Until then...some easy swims, easy bike rides and maybe just MAYBE some mountain bike rides. We'll see about that since I don't want to have any more injuries to deal with (I have a feeling with mountain biking I'll have a couple of falls)!


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