Monday, October 15, 2007


Brandon and I headed up to Dallas this past weekend to race in the 1st ever Dallas US Open. It was nice that the race was so close.

Anyways, yesterday was a tough day. I was looking forward to this race since a lot of the big name pro's were going to be there and it's always fun to see how you stack up to them. However, Saturday before the race I wasn't sure if I was even going to compete. It wasn't because my foot was bothering me but because I woke up that morning feeling as though my head was going to explode and my body aching all over. I ended up taking the day off, sleeping a lot and taking some drugs to help get me ready for the big day. It seemed to help because Sunday I felt a lot better and was ready to go.

The swim was a rough one for me. I thought I got off to a good start but someone next to me kept hitting me every single stroke. I tried to get away but felt as though I was going backwards and everyone else was pulling away. Once everyone pulled away I found myself swimming with one other girl to the finish. Out to T1 I didn't have trouble finding my bike because there were only about 5 bikes still left hanging on the racks! My swimming has been going really well in the pool the last month or so. I think it was just bad positioning on my part and not finding clear water to swim in.

I hopped on my bike and was off. I really enjoyed the bike course as it was rolling and I love rolling hills. My legs felt really good on the bike and the hills felt effortless. It was quite windy on the ride but I knew everyone else was dealing with it as well. I ended up passing 3 women on the bike and almost catching 2 more coming into T2.

I was feeling a little more confident in my running the past couple of weeks because well...I've actually been running. My foot felt pretty good during the whole run so that was good. However, I think I watched too much of the Ironman the night before because I felt like I was stuck at Ironman pace. Not good when it's an Olympic distance race.

I ended up 11th overall (top 10 got money). Not where I wanted to be but I'm just happy to be able to run right now.

Next up 70.3 Worlds. Well...we'll see. I'm making a decision by Wednesday on whethere or not I'll be racing.

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