Tuesday, October 02, 2007


The debate...that is. We booked our tickets for 70.3 Worlds today so we are flying! So now we just need to get a car and find a place to stay.

Yesterday was a day off. Actually, I always take Mondays off to recover from the weekend of training and to get ready for the week ahead. Today was a hard bike on the computrainer followed by a track workout. It was my longest track session since about June or so. The heel is feeling pretty good when I run these days. The only problem is that if I stop it hurts. So...I've decided to run every where I go and not stop (kind of like Forrest Gump). That way, I should be able to get faster AND my foot won't hurt!


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Eddie said...

amy, i'm for flying too...
way better than trying to drive there.
plus the tampa airport is so easy...(don't know if you'll fly there or to clearwater, even though driving from TPA to clearwater beach is about 30 minutes)
of course, i say that having spent just about every week there for the past year. so that's not fair.

anyway, hope y'all have a great time.