Wednesday, September 26, 2007

To Drive Or Not To Drive...That Is The Question

So, the debate in the Marsh household lately is whether or not we should drive or fly to 70.3 Worlds in November. I would like to fly because's faster and Brandon would like to drive (I have know idea why). It's about an 18 hour drive to Clearwater Beach, Florida and that's a long time to be sitting in a car before a race.

The Pros of Driving
- Saves money
- Stock the car up with as much food as we want
- Take as many wheel sets as we want
- No rental car
- No packing bike

The Cons of Driving
- 18 hours in a car together (that should count as 2 or 3!)
- Gas money
- Extra hotel on the way there and on the way back
- Missing more days of work because of the long drive
- Being cramped in a car for 2 days

The Pros of Flying
- Faster
- Faster
- Faster

The Cons of Flying
- More expensive
- Pack and unpack bikes 2x
- Pay extra bike fee

We should probably decide soon since it's only about 6 or so weeks away. It looks like Brandon is winning the debate so far. He usually seems to win these...but I ALWAYS win the race to get ready to go!

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Kelly said...

My take. You should drive b/c then you could take my bike too. :) But in all reality..I LOVE to drive to races but I think that distance may be a bit long and tiring on the old body..I'd say Amy you win this one..ya'll should fly. I got my tix for about $265..not bad at all!