Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Track Workout

Wow...today was my first track workout in over 2 months! I did 4x 800's. I know it may not sound like a lot but it was HARD for me. Although the 800's weren't super speedy today it did feel good to be back on the track again. I miss doing track workouts and look forward to getting some good solid workouts in these next couple of weeks. My heel felt good during the workout as well which is good news. However, I have these darn blisters from the L.A. Tri that will not go away. I hate blisters more than anything (well...plantar is not high on my list either).

After the run B and I went for a nice 2 hour steady ride. Well...it was more of a drafting ride than anything. I think riding together benefits both of us. B gets a great workout by pulling me all over town and I also get a good workout because I'm trying to hang onto his wheel for dear life.

Now it's time to eat and then coach the rest of the evening.

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