Friday, July 27, 2007

Mid-Season Break

After France I've been taking a nice 2 week break. Well...I've been training some but it's all been easy. Ever since I started triathlon I've always ended my season in September. Usually by then I was so burned out that I just wanted to be done with training, racing, etc... However, since I'm racing all the way to November this year, I've decided to take a mid-season break to recover mentally and physically. So, hopefully once September rolls around I'll still be feeling fresh and ready to finish out the season!

Brandon and I are headed off to Glenrose, Texas this weekend to visit his parents and grandmother. We haven't visited in awhile so it will be good to see everyone again. Plus, there is some great riding up there with hardly any traffic!

Have a great weekend.


Kelly said...

Hey Amy--Nice blog! It's easy isn't it? Now you should get a website going. :) Guess I'll see you 2 out at Jack's Generic on Sunday. I took a mid-season break after Racine (last week @ my parents place in Indiana), and this week I am TIRED...that break was nice...
Hope you are well! (Kelly Handel)

acm said...

Not sure I'll have a website. Brandon and I are working on a Team-Marsh site though.