Saturday, October 03, 2009

Two Reviews

Titaya's Thai Restaurant. Probably the best Chicken Pad Thai that I've had in Austin. B had some coconut curry (crap...I'm not a big fan of curry) and said it was really good too! Pretty clean place on North Lamar near 2222/Koenig. It was a small restaurant with a lot of tables and it was FULL. The service was moderate to bad, but it was crowded on a Friday evening. We'll go back.

"Little Miss Sunshine" meets "The Cleaner" and equals "Sunshine Cleaning". I think that it was the same producer LMS, it certainly had the same feel and filming. I'd give it two thumbs up. At least it didn't make me cry like "Hope Floats" did this afternoon on TV...good thing B wasn't here to see that! We should have been riding, but the couch looked more inviting than my bike seat.

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