Thursday, October 01, 2009

Past Two Weeks Highlights

Already October. Where did September go? Just thought I would post some highlights from the last two weeks. Nothing too exciting but was nice to take some much needed recovery.

1. Ate a whole pizza by myself. This occurred after the race. I actually didn't eat the whole pizza in one sitting though. I took home the leftovers and ate the rest of it a couple of hours later. Was quite proud of myself.

2. Visited B's parents for a weekend. Celebrated his grandmother's 87th birthday. Enjoyed a relaxing weekend away from triathlon. Played on the 4-wheeler.

3. Lunch with a good friend of mine who I haven't seen in months. We've both been busy and she has been out of town for most of the summer. It was great to finally catch up face to face.

4. No planned workouts. Just did what I wanted and when I wanted...if at all!

5. Celebration dinner with friends and 'sponsors' at Manuel's. Was surprised to see so many folks come out and join us. Fun times.

6. Sleeping in and taking a few naps here and there.

7. Weekend at SeaWorld with my family. Exhausting but so much fun.

Pictures from our SeaWorld adventure...

Someone was excited about was Mackenzie

After lunch

Sweet Bowen

Mom not wanting to get wet!

Mackenzie and Andy

Also, wanted to share a couple of links...

First Endurance posted my race nutrition report on their website. Check it out here.

Race recap can be seen here.


Nicole Johnson said...

Who are the kids in the pics? Your nieces and nephews, I assume? Cute kids!! :)

Amy Marsh said...

Yes, my niece Mackenzie and my nephew Bowen.