Sunday, August 23, 2009

Weekend Adventures

Friday afternoon I had a fabulous massage with Blaze at Performance Wellness. I could still feel a bit of soreness in my quads from the race one week ago. Blaze worked out all the kinks and I felt like a new person afterwards. Dinner was at Ruby's BBQ, not to be mistaken with the famous Rudy's BBQ. We headed over to the Wheatsville Co-op for dessert. This was my first time at the newly remodeled Co-op and I have to say it looks really nice. Lots of bulk items to choose from, smoothies, and even a salad/soup bar. It's basically a a cross between Whole Foods and Sun Harvest.

Saturday we were up early for the Johnson City ride. It was a solid 90 mile ride followed by a 35 minute transition run. My legs felt surprisingly good on the run. Short nap and then off to the movies. We went to see Food Inc. which is a documentary on the food industry. Do you know what you're eating and where it's coming from? If not, go see this movie. You may have a different view on food in general.

Here is the next documentary that I would like to see...

Sunday started with a long run. This was the longest run I have done since Kona 2005. Was not a rockstar on my run but I got it done. Easy swim and bike in the afternoon. Had a chance to relax while watching the T&F World Championships. Dinner at Serrano's with some folks that we coach. Good food, good times and good way to end the weekend.

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