Monday, July 20, 2009

I'm Still Alive

I was just informed that it has been 20 days since my last blog post (thanks Todd!). Oops. I have been keeping up with the twits though! I guess my mid-season break also led to a mid-season blog break. So, here we go...

After Lubbock I took a much needed week long break. It was NICE. We even headed to Houston that following weekend to spend time with family and just get out of town (unfortunately we didn't escape the heat). It was great to get away and take a mental/physical break from training. The tri-season is so long that it's nice to break it up into two seasons. Buffalo Springs ended our early season of racing. Next up will be one more half ironman in August and then the big show at IM Wisconsin in September. My race plans after Wisconsin are still undecided. It all depends on how I recover etc... Since it took me 4 years to recover from Kona 05' it may be awhile until my next race! Hopefully not.

Since our little mid-season break, I've been becoming a runner. Well, trying to at least. It's amazing what can happen in a year. Last year at this time I was averaging maybe 10-15 miles per week running in pain. And now...I'm almost up to 40 miles per week and pain free. I can't be happier. It's been since 06' that I've actually been consistent with running. About 3 weeks ago I joined up with Steve Sisson's Rogue marathon training group for one workout a week. That's about all I can handle because these guys/gals run a ton of miles. I really look forward to this one group workout a week as these guys/gals really push me and are so encouraging. Runners are cool, swimmers are cooler, but runners are getting up there!

This weekend is more of the same...long ride, long run, and lots of food. My aunt is in town from Tulsa so we will be having a family day on Sunday.

I will try not to let 20 more days go by without a blog. Later.

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