Monday, June 15, 2009

Yellow Brick Road

My new favorite award from Kansas 70.3. The yellow clever. The finish line was even yellow, which I didn't understand why until I finally made the Kansas and Wizard of Oz connection a few hours after I finished (I was a bit dilerious). This is just a quick update with a race report to follow in a day or two (or ten...ok,hopefully not ten). I was actually 4th overall and pleased with the effort. The results showed me as 3rd but they were missing two athletes. So the top 5 were as follows:

1st CW-Chrissinator
2nd Pip Taylor
3rd Jo Lawn
4th ME
5th Nina Kraft

I would highly recommend this race. Challenging bike course, great post-race festivities, drivable(barely-just made that word up)...that's enough for now. Maybe I'll add a bit more in my race report.


Kelly said...

Congrats! Looks like you had a spectacular race. What fun; Wizard of Oz theme. I hate brussel sprouts too. Guess I'll see ya'll in beautiful Lubbock. :) Happy recovery.

Amy Marsh said...


Thanks. I'm still sore from the race. Congrats to you too! Solid race once again. Yes, we will see you in Lubbock. Hope everything is going well.