Sunday, June 07, 2009


Once again it's been awhile since I last blogged...I have been keeping up with my tweets though! I have tried to summarize what I have been up to since Florida.

-After Florida I raced the CapTex ITU race Memorial weekend. I was 6th overall. It was an o.k. race for me. I didn't quite have the swim that I wanted and ended up in the second main pack on the bike. Unfortunately our group wasn't very organized and we never bridged the gap to the front group. Translation...I pulled about 90% of the bike and no one was willing to work with me. That's how draft legal racing goes sometimes. Run was good (although a bit hot) as I felt stronger as each lap passed. Although draft legal racing isn't my focus... I thought that the CapTex crew did a great job with their first ever ITU race in Austin, and I was glad to be a part of it. It will be exciting if Austin will be host to the Olympic Triathlon Trials in 2012 which is what they are aiming for.

-Memorial weekend we celebrated my nephew's 1st birthday and also my mom's (insert age here) birthday.

-Rode the Real Ale Ride put on by Red Licorice events. 1600 people participated for the 4 or 5 different distances. B and I ended up riding 80 that day. It was a solid ride with lots of decieving climbs. Red Licorice put on a great post-ride festivities with BBQ, music, beer (not for me and B), and lots of other cool stuff from their sponsors. Check their upcoming events here.

-Got my haircut and absolutely hate it...yep, I look like a mushroom head. I went to Bird's Barbershop (which I love) but had a different stylist this time. For some reason she thought that a couple inches was a foot. She just kept cutting and cutting. So, I have been wearing a hat almost everyday since.

-Been running about 35 miles/week lately which is the most I think I have ever run. It may not be much for some but it is quite a bit for me. It's amazing how much fun running is when your feet and heels don't hurt! Coach B doesn't want me to run anymore than 35 mile/week right now so each run has to count.

-This weekend was pretty low key. Some training, dinner with friends and family and now just catching up on coaching and blogging.

B and I will be racing Kansas 70.3 next weekend. We have never done this race before so I'm looking forward to it and getting the opportunity to race the Chrissinator...Chrissie Wellington who is the current 2x Ironman World Champion.

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