Friday, May 08, 2009


Last night at practice, I had a visit from an athlete that is in my Triathlon Swim class. I thought he was there for practice, but he was dressed in his work clothes. I asked him if he was swimming and he said "no, I'm just here to say Thank You". He pulled out his medal from the Wildflower Triathon this past weekend (he did the Olympic distance) and told me that he would have never finished if it wasn't for me. Here is someone who could barely swim one length of the pool about 3-4 months ago. He took my Swim 101 class and then my Triathlon Swim class, and is now a Wildflower finisher! I was so proud of him and I couldn't believe he drove all the way to practice just to show me his medal and thank me. The funny thing is...he said he now has to take a month off so that he can recover because he was so sore after the race!!!

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Marlawanda said...

Very inspirational, Amy. Thanks for sharing and you are a great coach!