Sunday, February 22, 2009


Yes, it's been awhile once again but hey...I guess no news is good news right?

Right...and I am happy to report that my running is starting to come around again. I ran 12 miles this past week with no pain. It felt like the longest 12 miles of my life, but it was still 12 miles and I can't complain.

I have to give some credit to my new favorite apparel...compression socks. Yes, compression socks...the knee high socks that your grandparents probably wear. I have been wearing compression socks after all my runs, during the day/night, and while coaching for a couple of months now. And... as someone with tight calves and foot issues...I am now a firm believer in these funny looking socks. Since wearing these compression socks ALL THE TIME, I have noticed that my calves are not as tight or achy. And...when my calves aren't tight, my Plantar doesn't flare up...which makes me very happy.

Everyone has their own opinion but I think compression socks are a real benefit for recovery whether it's from traveling, standing on your feet all day or just your day-to-day training. So, give them a try and see what you think.

However, I'm still a little embarrassed to be wearing these socks in public when running but I may just have to suck it up and try it. I hear they are just as good to wear for training as they are for recovery. However, I don't know what I'm going to do in the summer time when I'll be walking around in shorts everyday!

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