Tuesday, December 09, 2008


What is up with this weather lately? Today I was wearing t-shirt and shorts and tomorrow I will be wearing my snowsuit. I love Texas and the weather here, but this inconsistency lately is driving me nuts. I wish it would either stay warm (which I prefer) or stay cold for at least a week at a time instead of this day to day changes.

Today's swim was a good one. Hard but good. Total was 5k. It went as:
10 x 50's @45 Drill (warm-up)
10 x 100's @ 1:10 Swim
10 x 50's
odds @ 30 (yes...30 seconds)
evens @ 40 with only 5 breaths (I wanted to die here)
10 x 100's w/ fins @ 1:05
10 x 50's @ 55
odds: kick
evens: IM
10 x 100's @ 1:10 Pull
10 x 50's @ 1:00
odds: FAST
evens: EZ

Total: 5000

I guess the only real hard part was the 10 x 50's with the 5 breaths and on the 30 seconds. I think only one person in our lane made all 10 x 50's correctly (Todd B.). I made a couple of the 50's on the 30 seconds but then had to breathe every single stroke on the other 50's. Tough.

I went to boot camp today since I couldn't make it yesterday. I'm trying to go 2x a week so that I get buff. Last week was mostly legs and I could barely walk. Today was mostly arms so I don't think I'll be swimming much or using my arms the rest of the week (glad I got that swim in today)!

Coached at the Hills this afternoon/evening and then finished with a long run of 35 minutes on the tready since the cold front was coming.

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