Sunday, November 09, 2008


The intramural fields off 51st Street. Yes, I have lived here 7 years and I have never been over to the intramural fields...until this past week. I would recommend running there to anyone who is returning from any kind of foot injury. It's as if you are running on pillows. Awesome.

Update on foot and running:

Well...I've been running a couple of times this week for 15 minutes straight. My calves were so sore that I couldn't walk for a couple of days. Everything feels great when I'm running. I feel no pain where my stress fracture was which is good. However, when I finish running everything else around my stress fracture hurts (calves, heel, ankle). This is obviously to be expected since I was in a boot for 8 weeks and it's hard not to freak out about everything hurting. I know it will take some time to build back my calf and ankle strength so I just have to be patient and positive. It just feels really good to be able to run again right now. I did go to the doctor this past week to get my foot checked out again. The doc said that I have a little bit of Plantar and also some tendinitis in the inside of my ankle. I've been doing some rehab exercises to hopefully cure everything that is going on. For now, I will keep running a couple of times a week for 15 minutes until I feel that I can do more without any pain. I have another doctor's appt. in a week or so for another check up.

B and I are still slowly working on some house renovations. We're hoping to get everything done by Thanksgiving. WHY? Well, we will be hosting our families this year for the big feast. My parents, his parents, my bro , sis-in-law, niece and nephew. We're still trying to figure out how everyone is going to fit in our house!

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