Wednesday, October 22, 2008


So we're painting our computer/bike room. O.k. so WE'RE not painting it but we hired some guy to come and paint it. I could do it myself but... since I haven't 'touched up' the hallway ceiling in 3 years, B thought it would be best to hire someone to paint. I'm not complaining. I am painting a book shelf though. Well, if you call spray painting...painting. We bought one can of spray paint thinking it would cover the book shelf. We were WAY off. The one can of spray paint only covered 2 1/2 shelves! I don't know what we were thinking because it is a rather large book shelf. So, I went back to the store to buy 4 more cans. Hopefully that will be enough. We shall see.

Last night I went to a swim clinic that featured Ian Crocker. The clinic was for the tri- kids that I coach and a couple of other local swim teams in the area. Ian talked about where he grew up, how he got involved in swimming, and his three Olympic experiences. Yes, not one but THREE Olympics...amazing. He then gave a stroke clinic on butterfly. However, he didn't get in the water. Instead, he had a friend of his(CK)do all the demonstrating. Why? Well...Ian said that he hasn't been in the water since Beijing and doesn't plan on getting in the water anytime soon! I guess that's what 18 years of competition does to you.

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