Monday, June 09, 2008


Sorry to leave everyone hanging on that last post about our new sponsor. Anyways, B and I are excited to be using PureSport Workout and Recovery drinks for our swim training and our general recovery needs. This is a brand new company based on the research of Dr. John Ivy here at the University of Texas. It's also a local company based in Austin and we're looking forward to getting the word out about this new sports drink.

PureSport has everything you're looking for in a recovery drink. It has a little bit of whey protein isolate, electrolytes, antioxidents and a mix of natural sugars/carbohydrates. In addition to helping us tastes freakin' good! My favorite flavor is fruit punch.

We received our first box of drinks last week. They'll come in tubs or 'just add water' bottles as pictured below. Their also coming out with single served packets soon.

I know the bottle says 'Human Performance Labs' but...the name is really PureSport. I guess the 'Human Performance Labs' name didn't sound too good!

Check out their site here: PureSport

I'm sure you'll recognize some pretty big names on their site and also see these guys in Beijing this summer!

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