Friday, May 30, 2008


Well...I'm finally off the antibiotics and feeling a lot better these days. It's amazing what a week of rest can do for your body.

Today was a hard hard swim at UT. When you see 30 x 100's on 2:00 written up on the board you don't think much of it. However, when the first 100 is FAST and the next 3x100's have to be within 3 seconds of the first one, then 100 easy, it gets pretty challenging. We did that set 6x (last 2 rounds were with fins but I pulled one of those rounds) to equal 30 x 100's. I was able to hold all the freestyle under 1:00 which was good. Unfortunately, I didn't swim all the sets freestyle because that would have killed me. So...I did 2 rounds IM to mix it up a bit. Everyone was hurting towards the end of workout.

B and I are headed to his parents house this evening. We're planning on riding tomorrow morning and then heading to Louisiana in the afternoon. We will be racing the Red River Triathlon on Sunday in Shreveport. Since I didn't race Memphis in May OR CapTex...I'm itching to race. Plus, I want to get another race in before Buffalo Springs. I've done this race the past two years and it's a lot of fun. Everyone always stays after for awards and it's a good time. After the race we will be heading straight back to Austin to attend a friends wedding. So, it will be a quick trip.

More when we return.

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Joey said...

When I see 100x30 on the 2:00 on the board I think I'm in the wrong place.