Monday, March 31, 2008


Once again...I know it's been a long time since I blogged. Anyways, this will be a short one and then I will post my Cali 70.3 race report by the end of the week or sooner (I promise!).

Brandon and I returned from California this afternoon. Whenever we return from a trip, Brandon always goes and gets the car and I'm always in charge of getting all the luggage and bikes. There were quite a few people at the oversize baggage claim so I tried to squeeze my way in so that I could get our bike boxes off the conveyor belt. A couple of guys offered to help lift the bikes off the belt for me. Of course I let them help since those bike cases are HEAVY. Anyways, I noticed that these guys had a lot of band equipment and figured that they were just some local band here in Austin. I thanked the guys for helping me and carried on my way.

As I was waiting at the curb for Brandon to pick me up, the band guys came out to wait for their ride as well. I noticed that on every piece of their band equipment it read BLUE OCTOBER. I couldn't believe it! I was hanging out with Blue October for about 5 minutes and they even helped me with my luggage. Very cool!

Next up: Cali 70.3 Race Report

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