Sunday, January 13, 2008


Brandon signed up last minute to help pace the Women's 'B' Trials Marathon Group today at the Houston Marathon. I think he decided Wednesday of last week to run. Anywho, I wasn't sure if I was going to go to Houston with him or not since I had a lot of coaching to do this week and also had to get in some training this weekend.

I finally decided Friday evening that it would be fun to get away for a night. So...I had a lot of planning to do so that I could get in my workouts and be able to leave for Houston Saturday afternoon.
I swam at UT Saturday morning. For some reason everyone was swimming really fast on Saturday which made me swim faster because I didn't want to get lapped. It ended up being a solid swim of 5600. After the swim, I decided to ride my bike to La Grange so that I could get my long ride in for the week. I weaved around town from home to Decker Lake, hit MLK, then took 71 all the way to La Grange. About 3:40 later the white mazda ( It was Brandon...just so nobody thinks I got a ride from a stranger) pulled up beside me and I was done with my ride. It worked out great that I got a 70 mile ride in and it was on the way to Houston!

On the drive to Houston I decided that I was going to run the 5k on Sunday morning. I figured it would be fun since I haven't raced in 3 months. Plus, I also wanted to test the foot out to see how it would feel. I'm here to say that the 5k definitely felt as if I haven't raced in 3 months! It was a solid effort but extremely painful. I ended up 2nd overall with a time of 18:20. To my surprise this was only 10 seconds off my PR which was in July of '07. So, I was pleased with the effort (although I'll be in a wheelchair tomorrow) for this time of the season and hope to break the 18:00 someday this year. The feet are a little tender from the pounding on concrete but nothing a little TP won't cure (I hope).


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