Monday, December 03, 2007


Time has been flying by. So...December 1st was my start date back to "structured training". I started the week off with a bike test at Source Endurance ( I thought it would be a great start to my training to see where my LT and VO2 Max efforts are right now. I was a bit nervous about the test because everyone has told me that the VO2 Max is extremely hard. Well, everyone was right...the VO2 Max test was very hard. I'm not a fan of having a mask on my face, being able to only breathe through my mouth, and not being able to swallow normally. With all that being said, I was pleased with my VO2 Max numbers but know my LT numbers could use a little work.

The rest of the week included a couple of swims at UT, a couple of computrainer rides with a long ride on the weekend, and a long run of 75 minutes. Yes, that's right... I'm able to run 75 minutes right now without much pain. It feels really good to be running again. Still taking it one day at a time, but my goal is to run the AT&T 1/2 marathon in February. I thought about running 3M since I love that course, but I figured with all the downhill it probably wouldn't be wise.

Not much else is new. May do a little x-mas shopping today. Not really a fan of shopping but I need to buy gifts for my dad and sister-in-law. Every year my family draws names for x-mas gifts and every year I end up with my dad and sister-in-law. I swear dad's are the hardest to buy for. My dad either already has everything or doesn't need anything. Wish me luck!


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