Sunday, July 01, 2007

Weekly Update

It's been a good solid week of training this past week. Did about 16k in the pool, 150 miles on the bike, and 25 miles of running. Today finished with a double brick which I haven't done in quite awhile. I actually enjoy double bricks because it breaks the training up. So now it's time to relax the rest of the day and then have an "off" day tomorrow! I'll be starting to cut back some of my training hours this week but keeping the intensity up a bit to get ready for France. We leave in about 10 days.

Brandon and I are finalizing our France plans and looking forward to our trip. After the race in Lorient, we head back to Paris for two nights (which we still need to find a hotel). While we're in Paris we have scheduled a 4 hour bike tour (on cruiser bikes) which should be fun. It will also be a good way to loosen up the legs after our race!

Saw Ocean's 13 last night. Good flick. Definitely better than Ocean's 12 but I would have to say that Ocean's 11 is still by far the best of the three. Still need to see Knocked Up since everyone says it's pretty funny.

That's about all for now. Look for the next post to be about our new Masters swim plan at St. Stephen's!

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