Friday, April 06, 2007

California 70.3's been a week since I raced at the California 70.3 in Oceanside. How did it go?

I was pretty nervous going into this race since it was the first race of the season. I knew I'd been consistent with my training but you just never know how you're going to do...

The swim started 3 minutes behind the 'pro' men. I found myself in a good position at the beginning of the swim. I felt good and I was actually drafting (I usually have a hard time with the whole drafting thing). I stayed with the lead pack for about the first 10 minutes and was pretty excited. I then slowly saw them getting away from me and I just couldn't keep up. I ended up swimming the rest on my own. I feel that I'm capable of swimming with the lead pack but just need to work on the drafting a little bit more. My goal for swimming up until Wildflower is to not leave UT practice early and also get in more open water swim workouts!

On to the bike...It was COLD. Luckily, I put my gloves in my bento box. However, it took me about 5 miles to get them on because my hands were frozen. I went into the bike course blind since we weren't able to drive or ride it the day before the race. I just tried to get a good pace going and enjoy the ride. I had no idea what place I was in until I came to the first and only out and back. I counted the women in front of me and there were 4 which meant that I was in 5th place. However, there were about 5 girls that were very close behind me. I felt pretty good on the bike and enjoyed the HILLS. I love riding hills so I thought this was a great course. The back half of the bike my legs started to tire a bit but I knew I was almost done so that's what kept me going. I came off the bike in 6th place.

As I was getting off my bike I realized that I didn't lay socks out at transition for the run. As I was putting my shoes on (without socks) I told myself that I was going to pay for it later (knowing that I was going to have blisters all over my feet).

I was off running and felt pretty good. Ofcourse I didn't start my watch so I had know idea what pace I was holding. I always wear my watch in races but always forget to start it. Plus, I kept missing the mile markers to check my time anyway. So...I just ran and tried to get into a good rhythm. I was able to pass Lisbeth and then got passed by Leanda so I ended up holding my 6th place finish. The best part was that I beat my husbands placing (so... there's a little competitiveness in the household what can I say?)!!!

Overall, good race, good course and good fun. Now it's time to get some hill work in before our next race which will be Wildflower on May 5th.

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