Saturday, February 06, 2010

First Week Of Camp In Thailand

Just finished our first week at camp. Mostly been adjusting to the time change, heat, etc... this week. Monday starts 'real' training. Here's a run down of this past week...

Monday/Tuesday: In Singapore. Check out some pictures that I posted on my TeamTbb blog.

Wednesday: Arrived in Krabi, Thailand in the afternoon. Had my first encounter with Coach while putting my bike together. Of course I tried to put it together quickly so he though that I knew what I was doing! Coach chatted with us a bit about what to expect in the upcoming weeks. In the evening a few of us headed to the grocery store which was an experience. Not much English...if at all.

Thursday: Did an easy run in the morning and then the group headed to the pool so Coach could check out our swim. Coach wanted everyone to walk to the pool together so we would all know how to get there. He said it wasn't too far and that he knew a short cut. That short cut ended up being about 30 minutes or so.
Here I am at the start of our trek to the pool.

Still walking. Some 'short cut' we took!

Ahhh...finally the pool. Notice no lane lines and no pace clock. Great practice for open water. Did a short swim and then had a group meeting before we started our trek back to our hotel (note to self: bring a snack so that i don't bonk on the walk home).

Friday: Had a run critique and am more aware of why I've had so many injuries the last few years. Some reasons I already knew about but others that I'm excited to work on. Hopefully we can make some changes so that I am bomb proof and no more foot problems.

Saturday: Longest ride I've done in awhile but I had some nice company. Rode with TMac, Kate and Maki. Afternoon group meeting and were done for the day.

Sunday (Today): Did a longish run in the morning which was quite warm. Went to the beach, had a nice lunch in town and an amazing Thai massage (that will have to be another blog).

Time to rest up for a tough week ahead. I hope to have more pictures up soon.

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