Monday, November 23, 2009

32 Thank You's For 2009

I turned 32 this week. I actually thought I was turning 31 but then did the math and realized that it was actually 32. After a few tears and some bon bons, I'm finally o.k. with it and ready for a great year. But before the New Year, I have come up with 32 thank you's for 2009. And, without any of these people/products listed below this year would not have been possible or as successful as it was. So, in no particular order. Here goes...

1. Family and Friends: For everything.

2. HIT Center of Austin: Dec.- Mar. Brandon and I trained at the HIT Center to get buff. We did their Boot Camp and it was HARD.

3. Dr. Seller's at Performance Wellness: For keeping me in-line (no pun intended) and all the painful A.R.T. work that has kept me injury free this year.

4. BRANDON: For his support.

5. Homestays: We have been so fortunate this year to have some amazing homestays at a few of our races this year.

6. Longhorn Aquatics: For kicking my butt. Anyone who knows me knows I can't swim on my own.

7. My Co-worker JB: For listening and being so understanding of my racing.

8. BRANDON: For his patience.

9. Minnesota/Boulder 'Travel Club': You guys are the best!

10. Team Larabee: A local sponsor that was so generous to help us out for the year...just because.

11. All the other 'Pro' Women out there: For the great competition and always upping the ante.

12. BRANDON: For his coaching.

13. Dr. Elspermann at Airrosti: Keeping my feet plantar free with lots of kinesio tape.

14. John Cobb: For providing me with the most comfortable bike seat a girl could ask for. Those long rides have never felt so good!

15. My Loyal Blog Readers: (mainly my mom) but to the other two out there, thank you for all the kind comments, e-mails, and tweets throughout the year.

16. Performance Wellness Massage Therapists: guys are good. Always keeping me loose for those big races. You all know where to find the pain!

17. BRANDON: For believing in me.

18. Austin Tri Cyclist: For all my triathlon needs. Can't thank you enough!

19. Rogue: For their shoes and triathlon/swim programs.

20. JW: For being available to sub all of my swim classes when I'm out of town racing.

21. TP Therapy: For my love/hate relationship with their products.

22. Pure Sport Recovery: For sponsoring us in the beginning of the year and also sponsoring some local events here in Austin.

23. George and Austin: For keeping my bike in good working order...and clean!

24. TYR: For providing me with the most comfortable race clothing.

25. First Endurance: For my nutrition and supplement needs. All I can say is what did I ever do without the Cappucinno Recovery drink?

26. Xterra: For hooking us up with some great wetsuits and speedsuits this year.

27. Red Licorice Events: For their fun unique events. Look for us at their Open Water swims for 2010.

28. Our Athletes: We are so happy you have chosen us to help you achieve your goals.

29. Volunteers: Without all of you none of these races/events could happen.

30. P.T. Dr. Phil at Performance Wellness: For all the rehab exercises to keep me healthy.

31. BRANDON: For putting up with me.

32. The Big Guy in the Sky: Enough said.

Well, there you have it folks. So, I know Brandon ended up on the list a few times but hey...he's my biggest supporter. I'm looking forward to continuing some of these relationships above and am in the process of finalizing some new potential sponsors/supporters for 2010. Should be an exciting year!

Since IMMOO I have been dealing with some tendonitis and partial tendon tear around my ankle. The off-season may be a bit longer than expected. Just taking it one day at a time right now. Again, the people above have been helping/supporting me to a quick recovery.

Thanks for reading. Enjoy the holidays and I will be back in 2010!


Joey said...

I wanted to say thanks to you and Brandon for being the fantastic examples of what a professional athlete should be.

btw: I know for a fact that more than 2 people + your mom read your blog.

Anonymous said...

We are so proud of you Amy! I know that the next year will bring even more things to be thankful for!


Marlawanda said...

What Jen and Joey said. Also,I am thankful to have you and Brandon as coaches and Kent and I are both thankful to count you guys as friends.