Tuesday, September 15, 2009

The Award...15.5 pounds

This is the award I received for winning on Sunday. It's pretty cool. However, it weighs a ton (actually 15.5 pounds to be exact) and I had to get it home. There was no box, my suitcase was stuffed which meant I had to carry it on the plane. Going through security was well...interesting:

Security: Wow, this weighs a ton.
Me: Yes, I just got it a couple of hours ago. It won't fit in my suitcase and I really want to take it home.
Security: We will let you take it this time. But, NEXT time try not to travel with it.
Me: Sir, not sure when the NEXT time will happen. But, trust me I don't want to travel with it.
Security: Ok...just don't hit anyone with it.
Me: Ok, no problem

I love the award and will try to find a shelf in our house that will hopefully be sturdy enough to hold the darn thing.

Race report to come...


Anonymous said...

Congrats once again on a phenominal race. You signed my finisher hat watching the midnight finishers come in. You looked so comfortable and in control on that run course, it was awesome!

Nicole Johnson said...

That's hilarious..glad they let you carry it on!