Thursday, June 25, 2009

1 Item Coupon

So today I went to a store and all I will say is that it's a rather large bike shop that also has some great smoothies. The only reason I went to this shop today was because I had a coupon that I received at a race awhile back.

This coupon was for 20% off. All I wanted to buy were some energy bars for the weekend. Well, I bought 6 of the same kind of energy bar. I went up to the register to pay with my coupon and the lady looked at me kind of funny. She asked me if I was sure I wanted to use the 20% coupon. I thought to myself...well yeah...because the only other reason I come in here is to buy smoothies.

I then looked at her funny and asked if I only get 20% off of just 1 bar and not all 6 of the same bar. She said yes, the coupon is for just one item. YOU GOT TO BE KIDDING ME. Then she asked me again if I wanted to use the 20% coupon for the bar. I told her yes because I won't be coming back. I thought one item meant for one purchase and not one single item. So, I guess I ended up getting 5 bars for $2 and one bar for $1.50 (Yeah)!

Off to beautiful Lubbock, Texas tomorrow.

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