Sunday, April 12, 2009


I finally am sitting down in front of the computer catching up on e-mails, coaching etc... after a busy week and weekend. Last M-Th was a blur because I was so tired and busy I can't even remember what I did.

Friday we packed the car up once again and headed to Kerrville for the annual Easter Hill Country Bike Tour. This was our second year to attend this event and we hope to make it a yearly trip as it is a lot of fun. We arrived in Kerrville Friday morning and headed out on the 64 mile route. This biking out in Kerrville is awesome and is worth the 2 hour drive. No traffic, supported aid stations every 15 or so miles, great climbing, and tons of cyclists. After the ride we hit up the only Mexican restaurant in Kerrville so that we could get our chips and salsa fix for the week. There is nothing better than chips and salsa after a ride! Did a short 30 minute run on the trails in the afternoon. Lots of different directions on the trail so I opted for an easy 15 min. out and 15 min. back so that I didn't get lost!

We stayed in a cabin with 8 other friends, some from Houston and Austin. Made dinner that evening, then it was off to bed early so we could get up early for the century ride on Saturday. This was my first century ride of the year, and it definitely felt like it! The last 10 miles took forever and I just wanted off my bike. It didn't help that B kept telling me that we were getting close and only had about 2 miles to go...which was really about 8 or so miles! Not cool.

Finally finished the ride and had some time to relax before dinner with the crew. We headed back to Austin Saturday evening, as the weather looked a little sketchy for Sunday. Of course we had to make a stop at Whole Foods on the way home so that we each could get a pint of ice cream...which we deserved after all the riding that we did.

Today was a long run with some friends in the rain. Headed up to my bro's house afterwards for a nice family brunch and finished the day off with an easy swim.

Hope everyone had a Happy Easter!

P.S. Still working on posting the N.O. pictures.

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